Envasados y fabricados Marofran S.L a company founded in 1.968 and belonging to the Chemical sector, has been manufacturing air freshening , cleaning , insecticide and biocide products since then focusing on professional uses but we are able to adapt us to any kind of market.

Our more than 40 years of experience in this market has been let us be at the vanguard of the technological innovation and development of our assorment of products.

Besides, our facilities with more than 6.000 square meters and equipped with technology in production, bottling, and warehouse areas, let us reach the best quality control of them. Our production lines let us fill our products in different formats presents on market (liquids, aerosols, ….etc.). To achieve this quality control and the continual improvement process we have our own laboratories, as well as the best technical and qualified staff. Consequently, it let us manufacture high quality and competitive products in the market.